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Our approach in finding practical solutions for business challenges facing our clients begins with a thorough understanding of the job to be done, matched by the most appropriate combination of industry experience and functional expertise of the engagement team.


Audit of Financial Statements

Top down:

Our audit approach will begin with a thorough understanding of your business, your strategic objectives and key issues you face.

Risk based:

Our audit approach will involve a detailed assessment of risks and a determination of appropriate strategy for the audit.

Control oriented:

Our audit approach involves an assessment of the management and operational controls and the whole gamut of control environment under which it operates and evaluation of the extent of reliance to be placed on the controls..

Client focused:

We will be constantly in touch with you before the commencement of the audit, during the course of the audit and after the completion of the audit primarily aimed at early identification and resolution of issues. This also enables in giving early warning signals.